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Carpet Cleaning Service in Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. We dry clean everything from shirts, trousers, sarees, suits, dresses to drapes and wedding dresses. Carpet Cleaning Service in Faridabad, You name any fabric, we clean it. Whether it is silk, polyester, cotton, rayon, leather, etc.

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Steam Press

Our steam press machine and expert staff ensure that pleats are sharp and smooth areas are unpleated and wrinkle-free. We can deliver your garments folded or on a hanger, Carpet Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad, the choice is yours.

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Starching involves the process of adding crispness and structure to garments, creating higher resistance to wrinkling and soiling, aiding in the long term care of your garments.
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Darning is a sewing process which involves repairing holes or worn areas in fabrics or knitting using needles and threads alone.

Leather Care

We offer a specialist Leather Care service and can clean  your leather bags, shoes, jackets, or any other item made of leather Carpet Cleaning Service in Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad

We love leather and our leather cleaning experts handle each item carefully for stains, discoloring, and dirt. All leather items are processed by expert hands using gentle and special solvents and recondition after cleaning using special oils. This gives your item a premium finish and increases the lifespan of your item.

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Sofas & Upholstery

Upon receiving your enquiry, our expert staff visit your place at the appointed time and inspect your items. After inspection, they inform you about the sofa cleaning service in Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, process, price and time required to finish the dry-cleaning process. Upon approval, the process starts immediately and your sofa’s and upholstery comes out shining new.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Rugs and Carpets

We clean all rugs and carpets in the most eco-friendly manner, offsite and onsite. Carpet Cleaning Service in Indirapuram, Delicate high-value rugs and carpets are usually sent to our plant using a special process. For bigger carpets, our expert team will visit your place and do onsite cleaning in an Eco-Friendly way.



A member of staff will come and pick up your curtains at the pre-arranged time and bring them to our plant where they will be processed and deliver back to you on time. We only use gentle detergents to treat your items to ensure there is no risk to your fabric & health.

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Car Cleaning

We clean all rugs in the most eco-friendly manner, offsite and onsite. Delicate high value rugs are usually sent to our plant using a special process. For large carpets we send in a specialist team who can visit your home or business and get the job done in an eco-friendly way in a matter of hours.