Car Dry cleaning Service in Noida, gurgaon, delhi ncr

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Car Dry Cleaning Service in Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Laundry Box is poised to grow at rapid speed. Be a part of this revolution. Garment cleaning business existed since ages but it is now only that it is moving from unorganized, caste and family based business to organized segment with professional management and corporate environment.

Be a part of this growth story before you miss it!

We are open to providing business opportunities in all areas of Delhi NCR.

You can create a new source of income by choosing one of the following options:

A: Franchisee –Quick Start Plan

  • Low investment of Rs 5.0 lacs.
  • All you need is owned/rented shop of approx. 150-250 sq feet.
  • The catchment area of middle to high-class households of around 10000 families.
  • The shop can be in society market or main market ideally on the ground floor with good frontage and parking facility
  • ROI in 12-18 months.
  • The full process, system, management, and marketing support.
  • QuickStart, Plug, and Play model.
  • Cash business. No inventory.
  • Low impact of the recession. No prior knowledge is required.

B: Steam Press Kiosk & Handling Agent –Jump Start Plan

  • You need approx. 150-200 sq feet of space in your housing society.
  • Space should be duly approved by RWA/Builder with the proper agreement for providing exclusive services.
  • You should obtain the required electrical connection.
  • Very Low investment of approx. 2-3lacs depending on the number of households in society.
  • We provide full support in the procurement of machinery, furniture, accessories, and manpower for process and pick up/delivery.
  • Management and Marketing support.
  • Logistics support for the in-plant process.
  • ROI in 12 months and the huge potential of earnings in low investment.
  • Cash business. No inventory. car dry cleaning service in noida, gurgaon, delhi ncr.

C: Work From Home – Self Start Plan

    • You must be staying in a good catchment area with around 1000 households.
    • Very Low investment of Rs 1 lacs approx.
    • You need to pick up and deliver to customers’ homes in your catchment area yourself or through a pickup and delivery boy.
    • Necessary training, software support, accessories and customer services shall be provided by the company.
    • Logistics from your home to plant and visa versa to be provided by the company.

ROI in 8-12 months. The huge potential of earnings with low investments. carpet cleaning service in noida, gurgaon, delhi ncr

Cash Business

This is a business with good cash flow. No credit. No inventory. No unsold goods. Car Dry Cleaning Service in indirapuram

Quick Returns

With your commitment and our support, quick return on your investment is assured. Car Dry Cleaning Service in Faridabad.

Low Investment

Our business models requires low investment. You can choose the best plan that suits your budget and earning potential. Car Dry Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad

Less Risk

Little capital required, no credit or inventory risk, no technical know how required and no risk of getting obsolete. car dry cleaning service in Indirapuram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. Till there are humans, there will be dry-cleaning.

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